Why be a W.E. company?

represent a global initiative which encourages business
to be leaders in the path towards gender equality

Women’s empowerment in the workplace, marketplace and comunity is a key issue for the corporate world, not only from a corporate social responsibility perspective, but also from an economic profitability and corporate success point of view.

seek to facilitate the identification of these business leaders in the market through the use of W.E.® Certification in their advertising and marketing strategies, corporate documentation, etc.

analyse: “equality means business”

Women’s empowerment in the workplace is an intelligent business strategy that has a number of positive consequences. This strategy can have an important multiplying effect through the private sector and, hence, though the whole world.

What does it mean to be a  company?

companies are better positioned in the market

companies inspire trust among consumers, investors,
workers, public organizations and the global market

companies have an increased ability to attract
and retain top male and female talent

help improve the reputation and
bottom line performance of organizations

 help create just and prosperous inclusive economies

 enhance competitiveness

are a guarantee of commitment with gender equality

are change-makers