Obtaining the W.E. Certification

evaluates, through the WEP Gender Gap Analysis Tool, the following aspects among others:

Company’s commitment and support for women’s empowerment

Implementation of gender equality strategies

Non-discrimination and equal opportunities policies

Recruitment processes

Approach to non-discrimination and equal opportunity in professional development and promotion processes

Equal compensation between men and women

Support of paid maternity and paternity leave

Approach to accommodate the work/life balance of all employees

Work environment free of violence, harassment and sexual exploitation

Specific health, safety and hygiene needs of women in the workplace

Proactive steps to expand relationships with women-owned business in the value chain and in contracting relationships with vendors

Gender measures in the local communities in which the company operates

Approach to responsible marketing

Gender measures in the local communities in which the company operates

Gender approach in corporate social responsibility activities

Certification involves a process of on-going assessment.

quality seal involves different levels of commitment. Depending on the results of the evaluation, the company will be rated as “Beginner”, “Improver”, “Achiever” o “Leader”.

In addition to the evaluation of companies’ compliance with the WEPs,  consultants will offer them advice on assessing each company’s strategic approach to gender equality, identifying gaps and opportunities for continuous improvement. ’s double role as evaluator and consultant is an essential aspect of our work.